Our Top Sunscreens of Summer 2023

Our Top Sunscreens of Summer 2023


While basking in summer's embrace—by the pool, across European adventures, or even during daily errands—we've embarked on a sunscreen journey, testing a multitude of options. As the sunlit days unfolded, we sought to uncover not just sun protection, but a symphony of skincare that seamlessly harmonizes with every facet of our lives. This voyage led us to a treasure trove of sunscreens, each promising not only protection from the sun's rays but also a bridge between health, beauty, and moments under the sun. Let's delve into the world of sunscreens, unraveling their significance, types, and our personal top choices for summer 2023.

Why is Sunscreen Important? Understanding Its Significance 

As the golden days of summer unfold, the importance of sunscreen transcends mere skincare—it becomes your steadfast ally in guarding against two formidable adversaries: aging and cancer. Sunscreen's robust shield is your ticket to preserving youthful, radiant skin while shielding yourself from the perils of harmful UV rays. By embracing sunscreen, you embark on a proactive journey that not only enhances your summer aesthetics but also secures your skin's long-term health.

Chemical vs. Mineral Sunscreen

Within the realm of sun protection, the choice between chemical and mineral sunscreens stands as a pivotal decision, reflecting your unique skin needs and preferences. Chemical sunscreens hold the advantage of swift absorption, seamlessly integrating into your skincare routine. However, some may find them less suitable due to potential skin sensitivities, warranting a cautious approach. On the other hand, mineral sunscreens offer a gentler touch, ideal for sensitive skin types. Their instant sun protection gratifies those in need of immediate defense. Yet, navigating them demands consideration of potential white casts and the art of reapplication, which requires finesse.

Chemical Sunscreen

Within the chemical sunscreen realm, a world of virtues and considerations unfolds. The pros of chemical sunscreens are marked by their effective absorption, swiftly forming a protective barrier against UV rays. Their seamless application integrates seamlessly into skincare routines, fostering a harmonious union with makeup and daily rituals. However, an important caveat arises in the form of potential skin sensitivity. Some individuals may experience irritation or adverse reactions, calling for a patch test before full-scale use. Additionally, due to the nature of their formulation, chemical sunscreens may necessitate more frequent reapplication, demanding vigilance during extended sun exposure.

Mineral Sunscreen

In the world of sun protection, mineral sunscreens offer their own virtues and considerations. The gentle nature of mineral sunscreens makes them an oasis for sensitive skin, safeguarding against irritation and reactions. Their innate ability to provide instant sun protection adds to their allure, rendering them a favorite for those seeking immediate defense. However, this category comes with its own set of considerations. The potential for a white cast, although minimized in modern formulations, might be a concern for some users. Moreover, the application technique requires a certain finesse—smooth blending is essential to avoid uneven coverage and to unlock their full potential. As with any sunscreen, reapplication remains a crucial aspect to ensure sustained protection throughout sun-exposed activities.

Year-Round Sunscreen Usage 

As the curtain descends on the vibrant stage of summer, the importance of sunscreen doesn't fade away. Beyond the sunny days and poolside lounging, the need for diligent sun protection extends into all seasons. Embracing year-round sunscreen usage is not only a smart skincare move but a fundamental act of skin health preservation. Even as fall arrives, sunscreen remains your steadfast companion, guarding your face, décolleté, and hands. This unwavering defense ensures your skin stays supple, smooth, and nourished, weathering the seasonal shifts while maintaining its youthful glow.

Our Top 8 Sunscreens for Summer 2023


Supergoop! Play Everyday

Supergoop! Play Everyday is the ultimate sunscreen choice for families, offering unrivaled convenience with its pump bottle design for smooth and swift application. Placing it by the front door becomes a simple reminder to shield ourselves from the sun's rays before venturing out. This sunscreen boasts a delicate and revitalizing light scent that adds a subtle touch of freshness. Perfect for those with normal to dry skin, it seamlessly becomes a versatile companion, providing protection for both your face and body, ensuring a worry-free and joyful time under the sun. While individuals with oily skin may find it more suitable for their body than their face, its broad adaptability promises a reliable sun care experience.



Supergoop! 100% Mineral Mattescreen

Perfectly suited for oily skin, this formula acts as both a primer and additive. Taming excessive shine, it effortlessly adds weight in non-humid environments, granting your skin a confident matte finish. As it gracefully refines your complexion, you'll relish in the gift of all-day confidence and fresh allure.


Supergoop! Glow Oil

Experience an ethereal delight with this radiant spray-on formula. Apply it over lotion to your arms and shoulders, mastering the art of precision to avoid overspray. Each mist gifts your skin a sun-kissed whisper, leaving you with a luminous glow that captures the essence of your sunlit adventures.

Supergoop! Unseen Sunscreen

Crafted as a lighter alternative to Mattescreen, this formula thrives on hot, humid days. Clean and sheer, it complements a light primer effortlessly. Designed as your summer's secret weapon, it seamlessly vanishes into your skin, offering protection while allowing your innate beauty to shine through.

Supergoop! Play! 100% Mineral Sunscreen Stick

Indulge in the convenience of this efficient formula, a true companion for outdoor fun, especially for kids. The smooth application ensures a no-white-cast finish, catering to extended sun exposure. Revel in the simplicity of shielding your family's skin while they revel in boundless outdoor adventures.

Supergoop! Mini (Re)Setting Mist

Prepare for a delightful surprise with this evenly misting, quick-drying formula. For those with oily skin, consider pairing it with Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder—an ideal duo. Each spritz instills confidence as your makeup stays flawless, all while your skin remains protected from the sun's warm embrace.

Black Girl Sunscreen

Crafted to cater to individuals with darker skin tones, Black Girl Sunscreen is thoughtfully formulated to prevent the appearance of a white cast. This sunscreen strikes a harmonious balance between moisture and protection, delivering not only shielding against the sun's rays but also a touch of nourishment. We find its versatility remarkable—we often leave a bottle in our cars, ensuring our hands and arms stay safeguarded and pampered throughout the day. Unveil the joy of sun protection tailored for everyone, leaving no trace except the promise of nurtured and radiant skin.

Kopari Sunscreen

Immerse yourself in the sensory delight of vanilla and coconut scents while embracing the sun's warmth. The gel texture effortlessly glides on, enveloping exposed areas with an enchanting glow. We find it particularly delightful when paired with a tank top or any garment that highlights our upper chest, shoulders, and arms—it bestows a captivating glow that complements and elevates our sun-kissed skin. With each application, you're enveloped in a breeze of vacation-inspired indulgence, turning sun protection into a fragrant and delightful ritual. Enhance your sunlit moments with a captivating touch that awakens your senses and elevates your summer experiences.

Navigating the myriad options in the realm of sunscreens may initially seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, the right choice empowers you to embrace the sun with confidence. While our curated list provides a glimpse into the world of sun protection, the possibilities span far and wide. Whether you lean toward chemical or physical formulations, prefer the ease of a mist, or the indulgence of a cream, the world of sunscreens caters to your preferences. What resonates with you? Whether you have beloved favorites to share or questions about other products, we're here to listen and guide you toward your personalized sun protection journey. Your skin's health and radiance are our priority, and together, we can bask in the joys of summer while safeguarding the beauty that shines from within.

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