Avene Morning, Normal-Dry Skin Care Routine


Welcome back to our blog, where we share our love for Avene skincare products and how they work for different skin types. In our last post, we discussed an oily skin care routine. Today, we'll be sharing a normal-dry Avene skincare routine that one of our founders, Cookie, loves to do.

A Skin Care Routine for Normal-Dry Skin

The foundation of Cookie's routine, just like the oily skin routine, begins with Avene's Makeup Removing Micellar Water It is a gentle and effective way to cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and soothed. After using the micellar water, Cookie layers on Avene's However, if you prefer rinsing, you can do so and then reapply the micellar water or Avene’s Thermal Spring Water, Soothing Calming Facial Mist for added soothing benefits and Hydrance RICH Hydrating Cream, Daily Face Moisturizer. This rich moisturizer provides long-lasting hydration that keeps her skin looking healthy and radiant all day.

As someone who prefers a makeup-free look, Cookie finishes her routine with sunscreen. However, she does not use Avene's mineral sunscreen, as it can leave a white cast even on pale skin. Instead, she opts for Supergoop!’s PLAY Everyday Lotion. It is an easy-to-apply sunscreen that provides smooth coverage, making it a great way to start her day.

Another pair of sunscreens that work well for normal to dry skin are Supergoop!’s Mineral Sheerscreen and Unseen Sunscreen. Mineral Sheerscreen is a mineral-based sunscreen that offers a smooth finish with very little white cast. While it goes on with a slight cast, it quickly disappears after settling into the skin. Unseen Sunscreen is a chemical-based sunscreen that has zero white cast and provides a smooth, glide-on texture with a sheer finish.

Cookie's routine is simple yet effective. It leaves her skin looking healthy and glowing, which is what we all want in a skincare routine. If you're looking for products to add to your skincare routine, don't forget to check out our shop for these and other Avene products that are sure to add a smile to your day.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed learning about Cookie's Avene skincare routine!

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